Hi not sure if anyone on this site would be able to help me?  My name is MaryAnn Ratchko-Gamez and I adopted this puppy from a “rescue” in southern Ohio. I paid $850 for her because she is a purebred Wheaten. I was told she was surrendered to the East Holmes vet clinic to to a green stick fracture. When I went to the rescue to get her, it was unbelievably gross! There were dogs tied to dog houses in the cold, other dogs in outside cages with molded feces on the ground in the cold, cats being fed out of a 50lb bag of cat food just left open on a picnic table for them and God knows what other animals to crawl in and out of to feed. When she opened her front door to see who was there several small dogs ran out from her front door. She told me to wait for her in one of the outside shacks, I tried to enter one and almost threw up from the smell! When she brought the puppy to me, she handed me a bottle of antibiotics because of a supposed UTI. I signed the papers quickly and took the puppy as fast as I could! She smelt of urine and feces so badly! She was sprayed with a perfume I guess to try and cover the smell. I noticed what I thought was a birth mark, when I got home realized it is a tattoo of the woman’s initials! She was covered in fleas! I took her immediately to my vet, she was under weight and also had coccsidia worms. Now we know she did not have a UTI, she has an ectopic ureter.. I’m devastated. We are facing $7000+ for the surgeries, in addition to the $800 already spent in xray and ultrasound costs to diagnose her condition. We are so in love with this little girl! I just don’t know where to start to try and get some help with this. Upon recovery we hope to be able to share Dierdra as a therapy dog with children and adults facing difficult surgeries and illnesses.

We believe she has been sent to us to love and care for, but we need your help. She has two issues that need to be medically addressed: First is ectopic ureter which will be around $4000 Second is a pelvic bladder which will be around $3500.

Her first surgery will be ectopic ureter send will be 2 to 3 months later for the bladder. She needs to heal between surgeries.

Donations can be made electronically through the tab above or by check mailed to 55 Lusard St. Painesville, OH 44077 For more information please email me at mratchkogamez@gmail.com   

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